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   Blueberry Cheesecake

Today I’m Sharing the Blueberry Cheese Cake recipe. It’s one of my favorite dessert recipes. And today’s cheesecake is going to be slightly different.

Cheesecakes are in two versions. The first one is the ‘No-Bake’ version, which is made by adding gelatine or Agar-Agar, etc.& the second one is baked in an oven.  Now the texture of both of these is poles apart. for the No-Bake version, gelatine or Agar-Agar is used, which a lot of people find difficult to use. As to make a vegetarian version becomes slightly difficult then.   Today’s recipe is just ‘No-Bake’.


Blueberry Puree Ingredients:

Blueberry: 200grams

Sugar: 65grams

Lemon Juice: 5grams


Put the blueberries and sugar in the pot. Turn on the flame and cook over medium heat. When it boils, reduce it to low heat and boil it while stirring, Boil it until it thickens. Add lemon juice and boil a little more then turn off the flame. Let it cool down at room temperature when cooled, and grind gently in a blender until a smooth paste.

Cheesecake Ingredients :

Crushed Oreo(without cream): 100grams

Melted butter: 40grams

Cream cheese: 200grams

Sugar: 50 grams

Plain Yogurt: 35grams

Lemon Juice: 5grams

Leaf Gelatine: 5grams

Whipped Cream: 120 grams

Blueberry Puree: 65 grams

Method :

The next step is to prepare the base of the cheesecake, Let’s prep for the tasty biscuit base. Now, here in a chopper, I’m adding 100grams of biscuits, I’m using Oreo biscuits. You can even use crackers biscuits, which are traditionally used for cheesecake( I chose Oreo and blueberry because they match Colours well). So roughly break them to add into a chopper & make a fine powder out of these biscuits. Now, you have to add butter to these biscuits. So, here, I’ve taken 40 grams of melted butter. Mix well after adding the butter & prepare a mixture like this. So, our biscuit mixture is ready. We have to use a 15cm springform pan to set the cheesecake. Once your mold is assembled, then add the biscuit mixture that we made earlier. After adding, spread evenly. Now, use a potato masher or use any other flat surface, & press it nicely to set into an even layer. At this stage, the base of our cheesecake is ready. Let it refrigerate now, & until we prepare the batter let it chill in the refrigerator.

To make the batter for cheesecake, in a big bowl, take 200grams of cream cheese and leave it at room temperature to loosen the soft cream cheese. If you take it out of the refrigerator right away, turn it in the microwave for 2 times every 10 seconds to get it soft. in a sieve take 50g powdered sugar and mix. .  Now, we have to whisk everything together nicely. Whisk it nicely until sugar is incorporated nicely into cream cheese & cream cheese becomes soft & fluffy. Now, add the rest of the ingredients to this.

Add plain yogurt (unsweetened) and lemon juice and mix well. Soak Gelatine in cold water for about 10 minutes to remove moisture, and then put it in the microwave for 10 seconds, add the melted gelatine and mix quickly. Add the gently whipped cream (so that the whipping blade is slightly visible) and mix gently. Now after adding all the ingredients, mix them well again, so use a whisk or a beater to mix well. Don’t overbeat the batter & the cream cheese batter is ready. I’m going to use about half of the dough first, so I transferred it to the beaker to see the amount, but you can just pour it directly into the mold with your eyes.

Now pour this half of the batter on our biscuit base that we set earlier. So, simply pour this batter into the mold. Sprinkle the blueberry puree you have made and then pour all the remaining batter on it.

Sprinkle blueberry puree on top of it freely. Stir only the top slightly with chopsticks and harden for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

For the top level of these blueberry cheesecakes get Blueberry puree 100 grams, whipping cream 50 grams and leaf gelatine 2 grams mix it well. Pour this batter into the mold. Let it refrigerate now for 3-4 hours. check the cheesecake and remove it from the refrigerator. To unmould this cheesecake get a steam towel cover mold on all sides with this steam towel and remove the mold lightly and it’s ready to eat. As per your choice, you can decorate this cheesecake with fresh Blueberries, & it looks beautiful and delicious. Everyone loved this blueberry cheesecake from children to adults.







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