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Pink Velvet Cake

Today I’m Sharing the Pink Velvet Cake recipe. It’s one of my favourite dessert recipes. Pink velvet cake is a fun twist to the red velvet cake. And it is the same as red velvet cake. Pink velvet cake is going to be a quick favourite for children to adults. And it is especially liked by teenagers because it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. And teenagers liked a pink velvet cake and red velvet cake. And it’s perfect for baby showers or any other Special Occasion. A baby shower is once in a lifetime occasion, so it’s important to select the best baby shower cake that is making your day more special as possible. and pink colour cake at the baby shower means it’s a girl. and pink velvet cake is liked by baby girls on their birthday and it plays a very important role in baby girls’ birthday. because pink colour is especially liked by girls.



Eggs: 5

Sugar: 210 grams

Vanilla essence: 5gram

Unsalted butter: 100gram

Warm Milk: 150gram

Lemon Juice: 7gram

All-Purpose Flour: 270gram

Baking powder: 7gram



Place a bowl of eggs in a pot of hot water, add sugar and vanilla extract and mix. When the temperature reaches 40 degrees, the ball is lowered.


Whip the eggs to create a fine, rich foam. Once the foam is made finally, clean the air bubbles for about 2 minutes at low speed. Add All-purpose flour and baking powder to the egg-rich foam, and mix it well.

Add lemon juice to warm milk and mix. Take a bowl and melt unsalted butter on top of hot water (double boiler method). Add the milk mixture to the melted unsalted butter and mix, then add a little dough and mix.

Pour the mixture into the dough and mix. Divide the dough into two bowls, add food colouring, in one bowl add dark pink colour and mix it well and, in another bowl, add light pink colour and mix it well, the coloured dough is ready.


Pour the mixture into a 15cm mould, tap the mould into the plain surface to clear the air bubble, and bake in a preheated oven to 170 degrees for about 40 minutes. Check after 40 min with a toothpick if it comes clean then your cake is done or if the batter sticks, then keep for another 10 min. Once perfectly baked, take out the pan and cover it with cloth and let it cool down to room temperature. Remove the cake from the mould, cut off the top and bottom, and then slice into 2 pieces.



Unsalted butter: 400gram

Powdered Sugar: 250 grams

Cream cheese: 200gram

Heavy cream: 100gram

Cointreau: 7gram


Take a bowl add unsalted butter and gently melt the unsalted butter with a whipping machine. Divide the powdered sugar and whisk. Whip well for about 5 minutes until the mixture gets white. then add the cream cheese to this mixture and mix it well. After that add Cointreau and the whipped cream (so that the whipping blade is slightly visible) and mix gently. Now after adding all the ingredients, mix them well again, so use a whisk or a beater to mix well. Don’t overbeat the batter.



Place a dark pink sheet on a rotating turn table and sprinkle with sugar syrup. Apply the cream evenly on the sheet of sponge cake and spread it evenly. Then place a light sheet of the sponge cake and sprinkle with sugar syrup and apply the cream evenly. And build up repeatedly. Apply the cream smoothly all over.

Chill in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. Add food colouring to buttercream and mix to make pink cream and decorate with a shaped tip and decorate with some sprinkle and it’s ready to eat. As per your choice, you can decorate this pink velvet cake with fresh Strawberries, & it looks beautiful and delicious. Everyone loved this pink velvet cake.


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